Sunday, October 31, 2021

KW: Goblins vs Ogres


Another very enjoyable game KoW yesterday vs Josh’s goblins. Conquest in Christchurch is only a few weeks away (if it is able to go ahead due to Covid- CHCh has some cases after a yea and although vaccination rates are getting up there still not at the 90% gov’t requires) and army lists are due so this weekend was our last chance to try out ideas. Josh has been busy working on getting his army ready and each game has more units completed; he has a few substitutes at present but the army is coming along nicely. Below is a shot of his nely done trolls. 

Recently he has swapped from goblin rabble hordes to goblin rabble regiments t act as chaff and this is working well for him.

I too had made  a few tweaks to my list, wanting to try out two hunter hordes and added a regiment of warriors.

 Mission: Loot

Josh’s goblins (2000 points)

·                4x Goblin regiments

·                3x troll hordes

·                1x mincer mob

·                1x mincer

·                1x winggit

·                1x goblin king

·                1x goblin wizard

·                1x mawbeast pack

·                1x Magwa and Jos

·                1x troll buiser

·                Something else?


My Ogres (2000 points)

  • 1x boomer horde
  •  1x shooter horde
  •  2x hunter horde- mead of madness
  •   2x siege breaker hordes
  • 1x warrior reg.
  • 1x beserker bully
  • 2x boomer sergeant
  • 1x Nomogarok  

This game we used a clock which did change the way we played and I rushed, perhaps too much at times- for instance on turn one I completely forgot to shoot my boomers!


Turn 1 ogres go first- and forget to shoot the bomes but did damage the magwa'ns. 

The goblins advance in the centrre. 

Turn 2- the goblin regiments almost take out the boomer horde! While a mincer bounes off a siege breaker horde. 

Turn 3 and the two armies clash. 

I use Nom Nom to heal the boomers and they hang in there. 

Turn 4. On the left flank the hunters and trolls are duking it out but I continue to lose untis. 

Turn 5: I am fast running out of units. nom Nom spends most of the battle healing untis. 

Turn 6- I've not much left to contest. 

The shooters at least hold one objective and the goblins bounce off them. 

The pivtal final move- the troll bruiser charges the flank of the siege breakers adding his +1 unit strength to sway the objective to the goblins.


Josh played his army well, he can afford to lose units and ensured that he held up the units he needed tow- the tw regiments of goblin rabble on turn 1 almost took out the boomers and Josh was able to keep my force under pressure, a couple of key battles in the end fell his way and although the score was 4-1 to him the game was actually a lot closer than that- till the start of turn 6 anyway.

I have a small army and really struggled vs the grindy goblins. I got stuck fighting chaff and although the game swung a couple of times in the end the goblins were able to hold up the ogres and allow the trolls and troll bruiser to wrestle the game back to the goblins. Turn 4 I decided not to lightning bolt the damaged winggit and this allowed it to claim a 2 point objective without me able to interfere so that was well played by Josh.

I think we both focused well on objectives  but in the end I lost too many units and the troll bruiser was able to swing the second 2 point objective to the goblins on turn 6 (4 vs 3 unit strength for the win) to change a 2-1 victory to a decisive  4-1.

I think I may have one character too many and need another regiment or two in the list so have  a cunning plan for next game (and final chance to test ideas) vs Gordon…


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