Saturday, October 16, 2021

KoW: Goblins vs Dwarves 2000pts

 Josh and Gordon player a very entertaining game of Dominate today. Josh has been doing some major revising to his list and ran

  • 4x Goblin regiments
  • 3x troll hordes
  • 1x mincer mob
  • 1x mincer
  • 1x winggit
  • 1x goblin king
  • 1x goblin wizard
  • 1x mawbeast pack
  • 1x Magwa and Jos
  • 1x troll buiser
  • Something else?

Gordon took his brock’s of doom list again.

  • 2 regiments ironguard both with throwing dogs,
  • 1 troop of mastiffs,
  • 2  troops of brock riders
  • 2 regiments of brock riders 1 with brew strength, 1 with brew sharpness,
  • 2 troop sharp shooters,
  • 1 regiment of rangers,
  • 1 berserker lord on a brock.
  • 1 lord on a beast with blade of the beast slayer,
  • 2 ASB 1 with heal 3, 1 with bane chant 2.
  • 1 hero or lord on a brock.

 Gordon had a heavily weighed left flank- lots of brocks, rangers and heroes and was aiming to hold with his left- Ironguard and sharpshooters.

Gordon takes the first turn. 

Josh's trolls in his centre stalled for athe first couple of turns- thanks in part to the brocks charging his goblin chaff. 

Here they come! The brocks charge home. In the next couple of turns Gordon overwhelms Josh's forces on Josh's right flank. 

But on his left Josh sends the mincer mob (a stand in behemoth)  vs the ironguard- a stand in for the winngit is in the bottom corner- hurling bombs and wavering one of the sharpshooter troops. 

Turn 4 and things are looking grim for Josh on the right with the brocks and heroes chewing though his forces. 

In the centre the trolls and goblins have seen off the brocks while in the bottom on the screen the nmincer mob sees off two ironguard regiments. 

Keep your eye on the ball! Josh's trolls advance towards the objective. 

Then there was one, one ironguard regiment destroyed. The brocks have killed some golbins and advanced out of the trolls line of sight.  

Another horde of trolls try to hold up the dwarven cavalry wing... unsuccessfully. 

Turn 6. At the end of the turn Josh is jsut hanging on my his fingernails and wins by having more unit strength contesting the objective area. Unfortunately Gordon rolled for a turn 7.  

Turn 7: Gordon destroys anther unit of trolls but Josh manages to kill a troop of brocks to clkaw back a draw.

A really hard fought and close game in the end. I really thought that the brocks were going to roll up the goblins but Josh kept his eye on the ball and focused on objectives. Those brocks massed together are damn scarey to face though and it was a golvin hero wo slowed them up enugh on thrn 5 to give the goblins a shot at winning nad had Gordon rolled low at the end of turn 6 it would have been game t the goblins, still a draw was a fair result. 

I really think Josh is making progress with his list and it has a nice balance to it. 


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