Monday, April 20, 2020

World War Two- the series

Does anyone remember this series by Orbis?

I first saw them advertised on TV in the late 70s and as a 10-11 year old got about 20 copies, some swapped with mates at school. Then about 11 or 12 years ago found the entire series (120 issues) in a bookshop (Smith's or Pacific books) on Manchester street in Christchurch a year or so before it, like almost all of the CBD, was destroyed in the earthquakes.

 Anyway, I've the entire series so decided yesterday it was time to go back and read them all from start to finish.

The interesting thing is that issues I originally got (and have owned since the late 70s or about 1980) are numerically different to the complete series I bought. As the photo below shows, the issue numbers and covers are in a different order. I haven't checked closely to see if the details are different though.

Issue 4 came with this  poster which was used widely in the Far East apparently which says in Chinese- The British army, navy and airforce unite with China to fight the common enemy

The highlight as a kid of the series were the detailed drawings and information about various tanks, ships and aircraft.


  1. I do remember these. I used to have most of them, not all, and let the last of them go in the last swap meet. Brilliant mags!

    1. I think my trades involved getting rid of quite a few Airfix 1/72nd scale soldiers, IIRC.

  2. Not Orbis - but I used to pour over the Purnell equivalents for the same reason you did.. :o)

  3. Nice. They are a fantastic resource for any budding WWII gamer- photos, maps, diagrams of tanks, plans and warships, photos and propaganda posters too.

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