Friday, April 10, 2020

Oathmark Goblins

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the first game underway for my Dragon Rampant campaign. Before I got started though I decided I needed a few more orcs (well Oathmark Goblins actually) for the orcs and goblin force so have painted up the first units worth of Oathmark goblins. A simple paint + wash a a quick highlight and they are ready for the table.

And finally, what do you get if you cross a dwarf, a gnoll and and orc?

A Dwnorc?
A Gnorf?
An Orwall?

This actually. I wanted to make a more heavily armoured general model for the orc and goblin forces so combined the torso of an Oathmark dwarf with the arms plus two handed axe of an Oathmark gnoll and head of an Oathmark Goblin.

Job done, well once painted,that is.



  1. Nice work Craig. Is is just me or is the detail on these very soft? The mini in that last image appears to have almost no facial definition at all. Both disappoint and surprising given the technology available now!

  2. Possibly the camera/photographer. They are a wee bit softer/ less sharp/defined features detailed than some ranges (like Victrix) but still not too bad. The chain armour is definitely not as sharply detailed as the likes of Victrix's but pops reasonably when painted.