Sunday, April 5, 2020

Orcs and Ogres

I've been working through the lockdown, a mixture of working form home and time in the office, so far its been fairly quiet and hopefully that doesn't change.

Yesterday and this morning I finally found a bit of free time to work on a few minutes. We've taken our weekly Dungeons and dragons game online, just using video chat on messenger and the first session was a lot more successful than I thought it would be and so am hopeful we'll be able to continue for the remainder of the lockdown.

The players are currently investigating a hill giant lair (using and hill giant den from Storm King's thunder) and since there are quit a few giants it inspired me to paint up some of the Reaper Bones ogres  which I got in a kickstrater a few years back. I prefer my giants in D&D to be based more on the 1E version rather than the more powerful (as in more hit dice) versions of 2E, 3E and 5E so the Reaper Bones ogres will suit my purposes nicely to stand in for the giants.

As well as use in our D&D games they'll become part of my Dragon Rampant forces, maybe even an army in their own right.

Working on the base coats.

I've still got to go back and apply highlights on most of them, I simply wanted them ready for this week's video D&D session.

As well as the ogres I painted up 8 Oathmark Goblins which will be used as orcs in my D&D games. Again a simply block paint job + wash to get them on table I intend to paint up a few units worth for Dragon Rampant (which will have 14 orcs per unit- 2 bases of 7). A few of the figures have fairly soft details on their armour but they still paint up all right.



  1. Really great looking paint jobs, I had no idea the oathmark kit was so nice. My friend swears by the reaper bones stuff, not sure he has seen the oathmark gobbos!

  2. Hi Lee, yeah really like the Oathmark goblins, gnolls and heavily armoued dwarves. Not too fussed on the elves (not a fan of the armour), or the new half bald wargs in the warriders set. Easy to mix and match weapons and stuff from other ranges too (Fireforge, Victrix etc)

    One of our local gamers bought a lot of reaper bones kickstarters and absolutely hated them but I find they paint up easily and don't get damaged taking too and from D&D games like traditional metal figures. Am really happy with the ogres and looking forward to useing them in Dragon Rampant