Wednesday, March 27, 2019

More Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

Over the past few days I've slowly been chipping away at the rebasing project for the Vikings and Anglo Saxon forces.

First up the Vikings

I've enough for 8 units worth in Dux Bellorum or 2 divisions in Hail Caesar. I'm keen to expand by another 4-8 uiits but will wait till the new Victrix Vikings are released later in the year- which is when i intend to add some more lightly equipped Bondi units to the force.

The Anglo-Saxons

A smaller force. I've quite a few more metal Ceorls to base up but am replacing the old soft metal spears with plastic Fireforge ones and am awaiting for more to arrive.

Currently there are 3 units of Thegns- each base has 4 spearmen and a single axesman or swordsman as the plastic GB Saxon Thegns boxset does not have enough spears for everyone to be armed with a spear. I also had a few GB kite shields left over from the Gondor project so added those for more variety(and to help differentiate them still further form the Vikings).

The plan (in Hail Caesar) is to run divisions of 2x Thegns and 2x Ceorls as the core of the army.

There is one of Huscarls armed with Danish axes to differentiate them from the rank and file.

I also painted up my last 20 plastic Saxon thegns to add two more units to the force.

Lurking in the background is 1.5 units of lighter armed Ceorls- I've only completed 1.5 units (3 bases worth) as I've run out of plastics spears at present. All the Ceorls are metal Gripping beast figures.

Both forces.

The Vikings
The Anglo-Saxons