Thursday, March 7, 2019

BA Free French vs Germans

Last night Kent and I finally managed to get a game of Bolt Action in. We both took tank platoons, me a couple of Shermans, an M10, Greyhound a 2nd lieutenant and 2 squads of infantry.

Kent ran 3 veteran stugs, a panzer IV and squad of SS

Somewhere in Southern France, Autumn 1944...

Turn 1- an SS squad advances.

One of my infantry squads has occupied the dormer house

Stugs and the panzer IV lurk nar the central huse, covering the central ground.

And soon have their fist kill, the M10.

 My infantry advance to support the Greyhound.

my threr squd and bazooka race towards the safety of the other building on my left flank.

Free French infantry and SS skirmish in the woods and hedgerows.
 Meanwhile on the left flank the survivor of the bazooka team hunts the stug- my infantry and 2nd lieutenant are now safely in the building.
 The bazooka biits ti

The the distance one of my shermans advances across the German gun line, drawing fire from several tanks which all manage to miss. 3 stugs and a panzer IV vs 2 Shermans, this doesn't look good.

The same "cunning move" from the Free French lines.

His luck runs out the Sherman is hit and catches fire, its turret gets stuck but the crew stick round and rive into the woods for safety.

The Germans are now focusing everything on my right flank..and have fallen for my cunning plan

At the end of the game (turn 6). My infantry on my left flank held an uncontested objective, though I'd lost 3 teams to 1 German I snuck and underhanded victory by claiming an objective (we were basically playing the old Flames of War stand Free for all).

A good gme and though my tanks were outnumbered the game was close, which seems to be the way most games go with us.

I look forward to a rematch soon.


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