Monday, January 15, 2018

Warlord Games US Infantry (Winter)

My Warlord Games US infantry (winter) squad  arrived in the post today so I quickly set about getting them ready to paint.

I've added Gripping Beast WWI French Adrian helmeted heads to the figures- so does that make them Gripping Games, Warbeast , Warlord Beast or some other hybrid? Anyhow the conversions were dead easy and Frenchofied the figures.

 This afternoon I set about painting up 4 test figures. They are  tad smaller and less bulky than the Artizans but have good details. The two ranges will mix up in the same unit without any issues. I still prefer, as I've mentioned in the past painting the Artizan figures, the details are really well defined with Artizan but these guys painted up dead easy, were well proportioned, have good level of detail that is easy to pick out, and a range of interesting poses.

And the two ranges mixed together. a nice rag-tag bunch of Juin's French veterans for the Italian theatre combining some British, US and French helmets and equipment from both US and British sources. The ranges are Warlords US Infantry (winter), Artizan Goumiers and Artizan US winter infantry.


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