Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Twenty Minute Terain

It's been a long time since I was motivated to make any terrain but yesterday got inspired, after watching one the Beast of War videos- one of those Ah, why didn't I think of that moments. So I quickly got to work and created some quick and easy hedges using the ubiquitous door mat.

1. Cut doormat into 1.5cm strips (first effort I used 2.5cm but it looked to wide).
2. Spray paint with a dark green spray paint
3. While the paint is still wet, dip the hedge into some Woodlands Scenics course turf- the paint dries on turf holding it in place.

My first effort I waited till the paint was dry then coated in a PVA/Water mix before dipping in the course turf but dropping this step and simply letting the turf adhere to the spray paint works just as well and saves waiting round for the paint to dry.

And there you have it a tables worth of hedges in about 20 minutes!

The first few in my test run. Before and after being spray painted and dipped.