Saturday, January 13, 2018

BA Free French

I've been doing a wee bit of work on my late war Free French for Bolt Action. They are destined for my ItalianFront themed battles so wanted a mix of equipment so have used a variety of figures.

All the figures so far are Artizan from their US Infantry in greatcoats and Goumiers ranges. I wanted a ragtag band of veterans, utilising a mix of British, French and US equipment. To that end I ordered some Gripping Beast WWI French heads and also the Warlord Game US Infantry (winter) section- which will be added to the squads for even more variety.  The thing I like about the Warlord US Infantry (winter) set is that like some of their other ranges the heads are separate from the figures, so it will be simply a matter of gluing the Gripping Beast heads on and I'll have US equipped infantry wearing the French Adrian helmet

Some examples of Free French infantry- using a mix of US equipment and Adrian helmets.

Morroccan infantry with US uniforms and a mix of helmets.

 French infantry wearing US uniforms and Adrian helmets.

My first conversion- Artizan infantry with Gripping Beast head.

First Squad- I've added national flag shoulder patches to their shoulders and US helmets to make them a stand out from my regular US infantry.

Command team.

Second Squad.



  1. An excellent work Craig, they look superb!

    1. Cheers Phil. Hopefully they'll get a game before I head overseas