Friday, November 3, 2017

Some Bolt Action Vehicles

The game last week inspired me to get some painting down (at last!). I had a few models base coated (panzer IV, 222 armoured car and hanomag) that belonged to my friend Nigel and that I'd been meaning to paint for him. I am happy to report that they are now done

I'd previously done a Puma armoured car and Stug for him and gave them an ambush scheme so decided to do the same for his new vehicles. 

And for myself I bought my self a platoon of Warlord Games Panzer IVs and have painted them up this week.

 And their support, a 233 armoured car and two half tracks.

 On Wednesday down at the club Ken and I had a game using the new Panzer IVs vs Jacob's Germans. i was trying out a new camera and the pictures were a tad blurry.

Jacob ran 16 units, including 5x SU 76s. Ken and I attacked with our panzer force and pretty much tore the Russian to pieces. The problem with lots of units is many of them were small an easy victory points. In the end Ken and I won 14-4. Even though it ended up a bit one sided it was still a good, fun game and I am really enjoying the tweaks made in 2E, they seem to have fixed many of the more glaring issues with the system. 

A panzer IV takes out an SU 76 on turn 1. Hmmm, that SU looking very similar to a turret-less Sherman, young Jacob using several of these as stand ins. I'm not really a fan of this type of gaming and are a firm believer if you haven't got it, don't field it and field what you do have. It may upset the odd person out there but life's too short and for me I don't enjoy massed subbing of units, and don't do it myself. We all get different things out of the hobby but for me the aesthetics of the game are a big part of my enjoyment and that comes down to using appropriate, and painted, kit.

 A sniper team lurks in the belltower.

Panzer grenadiers debuss to tackle a house thought to be hiding a Soviet tank hunter team.

A Katushla caused a few problems early on,the Zis 3 was kept in ambush for much of the game.

The panzer IVs advance, our objective to reach the far eide of the table.

The 233 armoured car offers some indirect support, taking out the sniper (eventually)

 Towards the end of the game Soviet reserves swarm forward. Our panzer grenadiers have occupied the house to the left of the road, having successfully ejected the soviet tank hunters.


  1. Nice lookinggame...and what a splendid collection of vehicles!

  2. Thanks Phil. Game was a lot of fun. Vehicles pretty basic: basecoat, wash, drybrush of base coat then camo and a final highlight. Fast but a reasonable table top standard.