Thursday, October 26, 2017

BA: LW Germans vs US Paras

After several aborted attempts at a game Kent and I finally managed to get together for  game of Bolt action 2. Joining us was one of the young guys at the club and Ken Camel, who has decided to retire to Timaru (sensible chap).

Kent ran his typical US para force- basically everything he has- Sherman, 57mm AT gun, 3 squads, sniper, bazooka, mortar, greyhound armoured car, medic.

Ken and I ran a stug platoon: 3x stugs, 233 armoured car, pioneer squad, flamethrower, pak 38.

It was our first game of 2e and I'd not even opened the book, luckily though the youngster knew the rules sow e were relying on him to explain the changes as we went.

We played scenario 7 envelopment and since we were armoured gave Kent the option to attack por defend, he chose to attack.

We deployed our 233, pak, pioneers and infantry on table. Kent then rolled  1 for the bombardment so nothing happened.

 Turn 1 our infantry advance to occupy some buildings- bringing them much closer to 3 squads of US paras.

The aforementioned paras advance.

Reserves, a stug advances down the road towards the US Greyhound armoured car.

We have wiped out one squad of infantry for the loss of our pioneers, late in the game the paras rush towards our set up zone.

The stug has taken our the Greyhound, and just out of shot (behind the building on the right) the Sherman too.

End result:  bit of a bloodbath (when is it not with BA?) and wee ended up drawing 10-11, so pretty close.

The game played well and seemed to flow. I liked the new rule changes we encountered (SMGs/tough fighters less dice in assaults) but were a bit lost at times through lack of games, but that is about usual for us these days.

It inspired me enough to want another game though, so next week we will be taking some Russian armour with the stugs.


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