Sunday, November 26, 2017

BA: Waffen SS Squad

Waffen SS are one of those units I don't usually do, I've no interest in collecting, or running a Waffen SS force for Bolt Action, or any other game for that matter. Personal preference and all that. I'm happy to run Wehrmacht or Fallschrimjager forces but don't usually collect
SS units. I don't mind facing these forces across the table, and Kent often runs SS troops, but jsut prefer not to run them myself.

Nigel too has fallen for the allure of late war pea-dot camo to add a little variety to his generic Late War Germans.  He purchased these troops at last a year ago and asked me to paint them for him,. I was happy to oblige then they sat, and sat, and sat,. Finally with my departure to Tarawa rapidly approaching thought I'd better get my arse into gear and get them done for him, or it will be another 15 months or more before he gets to game with them. Nigel is incapable of painting his own figures and so has to rely on a group of painters to do his various armies for him, and he likes to collect a lot of varied stuff- he is the king of Kickstarters! Alas it does mean that he is often waiting for his stuff to get painted as a result. I am happy to report that his SS troops will be joining the ranks of his completed forces this Tuesday.

I must admit I was pretty impressed by the Warlord Games Waffen SS sculpts, they have a great range of poses, are well animated and details figures. I consider them one of their better ranges. However, the pack Nigel got included mainly forage caps not helmets which was a little off but I found a couple of helmeted heads lyin around and added those.

Nigel can now field a squad with a variety of weapons:
LMG team, 2x SMGs, 2x assault rifles and 2x panzerfausts.

He also has a panzershrek team, sniper team and flamethrower team for more specialised support options.

 I'm sure he'll enjoy using them.


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