Monday, January 16, 2017

Some more Gauls/Galatians

I finished another few stands of Galatian's today so Ican now field a division's worth. A unit of cavalry, I'm toying with the idea of using two bases deep for cavalry, usually we only use one.  A mix of figures, some are Warlord, the rest? I've no idea!

If I do the same again (rebase 4x stands worth of infantry and anothr stand of cavalry) I'll almost be able to field a Galatian force- which is one of my aims.

A couple of stands of skirmishers.

This one is the new one and represents the general's guard unit. Again a range of figures, a Warlord chieftain, and several Black Tree Design (I think) as well as some Warlord plastics to fill the back ranks.

Tonight's job, finish my Numidian elephant stand and a couple of units of trained Numidian infantry and then I'll be  able to field an entire force with this new basing.


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