Saturday, January 21, 2017


I've completed the core of my Gauls/Galatians and am ready for a game vs Kent next week with them.

The aim is to use this army as the core of various armies- Galatians, Spanish, Gauls, Carthaginians, Republican Romans, adding specialised/flavour units to this core. For example adding some Spanish Cavalry, a few units of the new Victrix Iberians will morph it into Ancient Spanish or Celtiberians. Add some Libyan Spearmen and Numidians and it is the core of a Carthaginian force.

So far I have:

  • 8x warbands 
  • 4x Skirmishers
  • 2x Spanish light infantry 
  • 2x Medium Gallic Cavalry
  • 3x Command stands 

 The army assembled.

The left wing- 1x Med Cavalry, 2x Warband, 1x light infantry, 1x skrimishers.

One of the warband units.

The centre. My centre will be held by the General's Guard warband and 3 other standard warbands and a unit of skirmishers.
 The general.

My right wing. A Mirror of the left: 1x medium cavalry, 2x warband, 1x light infantry, 1x skirmishers.

I'm looking forward to their first outing vs Kent's Carthaginians' this week.

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