Monday, January 16, 2017

Hail Caesar basing continues

I've now finished rebasing a few units.

Numidian warband and skirmishers- mainly Foundry & a few Crusader (I think). Painted up the two stands of warband over the past couple of days: Two done 4-6 to go (once reinforcements arrive).

I am also going to add a few divisons of allied troops. The aim is to have building blocks of 4 units per divsion + skirmishers and will be able to morph this army into several others (Republican Romans and Carthaginians) etc.

As part of this project I've rebased two bases of Spanish medium infantry and  two stands of skirmishers to go with them. I'll add  two more units to add a Spanish division. These troops are all Crusader.

And 3 units of my new big based warband. I've put 8 figures on the Numidian light foot/warband bases. For these guys I wanted a bit of a denser formation so have 10 figure sper base. the figures are mainly Warlord Games plastic with a few extras including some Foundry Gauls. Yjhis allied unti will form the nucleus of a Galatian warband but can also double as Celtic allied warband in a Republican Roman or Carthaginian force.

My spacer bases- if required. I see by the rules and some comments of Rick Priestly I found in a TMP discussion on basing for Hail Ceasar on TMP that units within 25% of each other should work fine so am keen to try my 12cm bases vs the guys 16cm ones and see how it plays.

"Hail Caesar (like Black Powder)was designed so we could use our existing collections – regardless of how they happened to be based – and much of my own Roman army is still based for WAB (20x20 infantry). Still works fine. Any basing will do – even those big Impetus type bases – assuming you are not going to be forming marching columns. I'd tend to avoid overlarge bases if you're playing on very sculpted terrain – 'cos they slide off the hills and you can't fit them between the rocks/buildings/trees – but they work fine in terms of the game rules.
When basing up new armies I tend to go for a square base 40x40 for four infantry or 50x50 for four infantry if the figures are looser or bigger – i.e. if they don't fit a 40x40. Then a four base width of 160mm or 200mm makes a standard unit (it doesn't matter that they are slightly different – within 25% is the suggested parameter as per p16 of the rule book). But you can have units that are bigger or smaller as 'standard' to suit your collection or the size of the table – and occasionally I've placed 'half size' games in just this way – generally 2 or 3 or my 40x40 or 50x50 width."

Numidian commanders

The light horse.

Another view of the Celtic warbands.

Another view of the Spanish- these guys are on 6cm deep bases so will be used as medium infantry/auxilia but by adding the skirmisher stands to the rear rank can also use them as warband.

The Numidian light warband on the 8cm deep bases.


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