Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welsh for Dux Bellorum/ Impetus

Another productive night tonight. I rebased four stands worth of Welsh warband last night but then decided that I "needed" 5 bases so found a copule more bases, removed the figures. Then it was time to repaint a couple, touch up the rest and repaint the shields. I also had to replace all the spears so it was a bit more of a mission than originally planned. I decided when I made the Welsh army a few years back to use a Crimson shields theme, maybe not the most historic but I think it looks good and differentiates them from my other armies.

The figures are mainly Gripping Best from their Welsh and British kingdomes ranges as well as quite a few from their other Dark Ages ranges. There are a couple of Crusader Miniatures and who knows what else- possibly one or two Old Glory?

Welsh for Dux Bellorum (9 units, 32 pts)
  • 1x  Mounted Companions (5 pts)
  • 1x Noble Riders (5pts)
  • 1x Noble Warriors (5pts)
  • 4x Warriors (12 pt)
  • 1x Mounted Skirmishers (2pt)
  • 1x Foot Skirmishers (1 pt)
  • 1x additional LP (2pts)

The Warband.

 And skirmishers

1x Mounted Skirmishers. These guys are from Gripping Beast and are some of my favourite GB mounted figures. I'm not sure they are still available, I got them back in 2001 and originally they were for a DBA Pre-Feudal Scots army.

The army so far assembled.

Tomorrow night I've two units of cavalry to base up to complete the force.



  1. Great looking army, love your infantry especially...

  2. Those look great! I really should have a go with Dux Bellorum.

    1. I'm still in two minds which system I'll end up using- good thing with Dux though is most armies are only 8-10 bases