Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And so it begins...

I've decided to rebase some of my 28mm armies for "regular" Impetus. The Wellington guys are talking of having a one day Impetus day early next year so am keen to pop up. After much thought I decided to start with my Huns- though they will also be morphed into Alans and even part of a Visigoth force in future or as needed.

I intend to use them for both Impetus and also Dux Bellorum but who knows may end up trying then with Hail Caesar too. All figures are on 12cm wide bases but depth varies:

  • Cavalry: 8cm
  • Light Foot/ archers etc: 6 cm
  • Heavy foot: 5 cm (this gives an additonal 1cm to protect spears etc, so is slightly deeper than the suggested 4cm in the rulebook)
  • Skirmishers: 3cm

Figures vary too depending on the troop type..

  • Heavy Cav: 4-5
  • Medium Cav: 4
  • Light Cav: 3
  • Heavy Foot: 7-8
  • Light foot: 6-8
  • Skirmishers: 3 

My  350pt Western Steppe Huns will be (at least initially):
Average command( 12 pts)
2x average leaders (40 pts)

  • 1xCP Sciri (Gen)     - 21 pts         
  • 2x CM Nobles- 62 pts
  • 4x CL Mounted Archers- 108 pts

Gepid Allies                                                                                                      
  • 2x CP Cavalry (Gen)      - 42pts
  • 3x FP Foot          - 36 pts
  • 2x S Archers       -12 pts

And so here is a start. I'll continue with them tomorrow night when the permafilla has dried. The Cavalry are Gripping Beas, most of the infantry are Muskteer (I think) with a few Gripping Beast plastic Saxons.

4x Hunnish Light Cavalry

1x CM General (Gripping Beast)

3x Gepid Warband (Mainly Musketeer miniatures). I based up some javelinmen as I wasn't sure if i preferred 3c of 4 cm deep skirmisher stands- I decided to go with the 3cm deep ones.

And half an hour later with the permafilla applied the first stage of basing was completed.

I need to get some more armoured Huns (I'm tempted to go Foundry for these), some bow armed skirmishers, and a few other bits and pieces to complete the army.



  1. Ugh I may have to do some type of sabot action for my sins of following the "southern way". My whole bloody Bulgar army is liquid nails...

    1. Not all my armies are changing (too bloody many bases to redo) but like the look of it. You'll have to pop down to the Hutt club when you get the chance Adam, they have a big group of Impetus players.

  2. Nice Craig, i think eventually il have to do the same with my romans, parthians and crusaders :(
    Love the snow terrain ;)
    Not to be picky, but the skirmishers look a bit funny with only 3 figures... i might have to add a couple to mine when i change, il probably go to 40mm squares tho.
    trip up north sounds like fun :)

    1. Snoe terrain is only temporary :) Adding a 40cm sabot would be the easy way to increase to "official" base size.

      If I put 4 skirmishers on they'll look too much like medium cavalry- and of course each extra metal figure adds to the overall cost :)

    2. Was jk about the snow :) youve got a good point there craig, i just kitbash the hell outta plastics these days, metals are beyond my pay grade lol.
      did you ever get any mongols? I know u wer keen for a while.
      great idea with the sabots, i was thinking the 40mm because of Hail Caesar and other sytems to make them much more useable i guess.

  3. Funny you should mention Mongols, was rummaging round looking for some figures tonight and found about 15 Gripping Beast ones from when I "started" the Mongol project 2-3 years back. So another project to add to the list.

    Have you tried HC? Got my copy back tonight from one of the guys, have been meaning to try it but not got round to it yet.

  4. What a nice looking army! Love the horse archers...

    1. Thanks Phil, will look nicer fully based though :)

  5. Look forward to seeing them all fully based up.

    1. Cheers Matt- hopefully tonight I'll finsh the horse archers

  6. Unfortunately I have just found the new Aventine Huns so have some new figures arriving for the CM (Noble Huns) and their a CP heavy cavalry :)

  7. That's a really nice looking army. Going to look even better when the bases are all completed. cheers