Sunday, September 20, 2015

Basing for Dux Bellorum/ Impetus

The rebasing project continued this evening and managed to get another 10-11 bases done.

I've ordered a few more figures from Footsore Miniatures (who carry the former Musketeer range) to complete my Late Roman/ Romano-British force, and also added a few of their Irish Fianna with axes for my Irish army/allies.

Saxons/ Goths  (32 pts)
  • 1x Mounted Companions  (5pts)
  • 1x Noble Riders      (5pts)
  • 1x Noble Warriors (5 pts)
  • 4x Warriors               (12pts)
  • 1x Skirmisher (bow)             (1pt)
  • 1x Mounted Skirmisher      (2pts)
  •                 +1 leadership     (2pts)

 Th Saxons still need a mounted General but otherwise are rebased and ready for action. The figures are a mixture of Musketeer/Footsore, Gripping Beast (including a few of their plastic armorued Saxons, the odd Westwind and others. 

Skirmishers and warriors

Noble Riders/ Medium cavalry

 Mounted skirmishers- young warriors

The noble warriors- who can also be the army general and his companions.

The Saxon/Goth army assembled.

And the Stalwart defenders of Rome/Briton. 

Late Romans/Romano-British      (32 pts)
  • 1x Mounted Companions  (5pts)
  • 1x Noble Riders      (5pts)
  • 2x Noble Shield Wall             (10pts)
  • 2x Ordinary shield Wall        (6pts)
  • 1x Bow       (3pts)
  • 1x Foot Skirmishers              (1pt)
  • 1x Mounted Skirmishers    (2pts)
Skirmishers and Shieldwall- I did a few extra stands of skirmishers. 

The army (so far) assembled.

I got the Gripping beast shield wall figures about 2000. I need to add a few more figures to the second rank to bulk it up a bit more. I intend to use the Footsore unarmoured Roman infantry as the ordinary shield wall but in the meantime rebased some of my (mainly) Gripping Beast figures that were originally purchased many years ago to form the nucleus of an Anglo-Danish army for DBA. The Footsore figures, when they arrive, will be used to make a more Late Roman feel to the army, the shieldwall below for use when they are used as Romano-British (and Anglo-Danes).

Noble Riders (Med Cav) Westwind Designs

Noble Shield wall- Westwind Armoured Arthurians

 Tomorrow night I hope to make a command stand from the Westwind King Arthur and few other Westwind Arthurian cav. 



  1. Some very nice, evocative units there.

  2. The rebasing is looking great - good to hear they can still be used for Dux Bellorum too. I use multi-figure bases for skirmish games without any problems.

  3. U r a machine craig. You have a great mix of grasses mate

  4. Lovely looking units, well done indeed!

  5. Great work on the re basing Craig. Rather you than me though!

  6. Cheers guys- I am motivated for gaming at last, wanting to get enough based for a 32 pt per side game is spurring me on.