Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bolt Action Tank Riders

Last weekend's game has inspired me to get working on my Soviets again. In fact I'm going to do another 3-4 squads using Crusader and Artizan Design metals- I still aren't really a fan of plastics, the Warlord ones are quite nice but I still prefer to use metals whenever I can.

My aim is to theme my force on a  LW Motostrelkoy. The thought being it will represent an exploitation force from one of the Mechanised Corps during 1944 (I always try to build my forces round a theme or campaign). So with that in mind am aiming for:

2 LMG squads of 10-12 troops
1 SMG tank rider squad
1 Med Mortar
1 MMG (though most likely to be dropped to add poitns elsewhere)
1 Zis 3
1 JS 2 or SU 122
1 M3 Scout car (Recce)
1 M3 Half track

Later on I'll add a truck or two too (for big games). I can do it all except for the M3A1 Scout Car, half track and SU 122. I really love the look of the new Warlord Games M3 Scout car, it is a fantastic looking model so any excuse to get one and convert up some Russian crew. I have ordered the M3 half track, SU 122 and M3 Scout car.

Yesterday, I decided to make a few tank riders for on the back of "Papa Joe" (as I've nicknamed my JS 2 which is named after the most benevolent ruler of Mother Russia- and don't let the commissars hear you say otherwise!). I think they turned out pretty good.

Hmm, the photos really picks up the lines on the helmets, not anywhere near as evident on the figures themselves but they may get a slight improvement.

Just a quick block paint and wash- which did the trick.

They also work on the T34- but need to do another set of riders for this one.



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  1. Lovely models :)
    I got my russians plastic from wargames factory and i love them ;)