Monday, April 13, 2015

BA- Artizan & Crusader Russians

Last night and tonight I have been busy painting up my latest Russian reinforcements, a mixture of Artizan Designs and Crusader miniatures. The two manufacturers figures mix well and make for a good variety for the force- I much prefer metals to plastics, though the oneWarlord plastic has been mixed in with the SMG squad.

1x LMG Squad (11 men, incl SMG and LMG)
1x Siberian Squad (10 mn incl SMG and LMG)
1x SMG/ tank rider Squad (10 men)

The LMG Squad

SMG/ tank rider squad

The Siberians

Th force assembled.

For recognition purposes the LMG teams are on square bass and each squad has a couple of bases of the new Warlord 40mm round bases (as always simply to move less figures).

I really like the figures, they paint up easily, have great detail and are really well proportioned. I was going to mix the helmeted and fur hat figures up for a more rag tag/ veteran appearance to the squads but decided that the fur hatted figures would be more easily identified as Siberians if in individual units.

I need to add an inexperienced squad and will get another LMG and Siberian squad as well.


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