Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BA German Reinforcements

I've done a bit of reflection on my German army and its woeful undeperformance and have decided a few reinforcements were needed. They turned up from Warlord games today.

 First up a 120mm mortar. Doing 2d6 damage it should keep those US paras moving. I must say I am really, really impressed by the figures and model. Great sculpts

I've also decided that the 37mm AA just wasn't cutting it in a psudo anti-tank role so am adding a pak 38 to the force instead. It's role? Keep the Sherman or other medium tanks honest. Again I am really impressed by these models from Warlord Games, minimal flash and great details. Again I highly recommend them.

Adding the Stuh into the mix as well and I am hoping that they extra firepower of the 120mm mortar and the Stuh will give the Americans some troubles and things to worry about. We will see how that pans out nxt week. Tomorrow night and I've a Soviet 120mm mortar and crew to paint up.



  1. Great reinforcements.... i dont want to get hit by the 120mm mortar :)

  2. Beautiful job, love this mortar team!

  3. Thanks guys, looking forward to gteting them on table and (hopefully) reversing my fortunes!