Tuesday, March 31, 2015

War in the Pacific

Haven't been up to much of late, finished off my ANZACs the other night  and am awaiting the guys to get theirs back to me so we can send them away. I rebased my Japanese last night on the new Warlord games 40mm bases (no photo yet).

Speaking of Japanese I have jumped on board and backed the War in the Pacific Kickstarter:

If you've ever wanted to get into the Pacific/Far East theatres then this is the kickstarter for you!

So back it while you can.



  1. Those are some REALLY sweet looking models and you really can't beat the price (even here in the States.)

    Now, if I can just convince ONE of my mates to pick up a suitable foe like Chindits or USMC it'd be a done deal.

  2. Good luck with that Weekend General, we are lucky having a couple of Chindit/ 14th Army/Australasian forces to pit them against.

  3. nice, I'm in for the SNLF platoon atm. looks like we might get most if not all unlocked.
    Im in CHCH and game with Rodger (and Geoff etc)