Wednesday, March 4, 2015

BA: Burma 1944

First game for a few weeks. Kent and I decided to change theatres and use our Japanese and 14th Army forces, maybe my luck would change. The other change was to use a bigger table (6ft x 5ft) to allow a bit more depth on the table.

I ran

  • Vet 1st Lieutenant
  • 2x Vet squads ( 9 men with LMG & 2 SMGs)
  • 2x 9 man Gurkha squads (using Commando rules)
  • MMG
  • Mortar + observer
  • Recce carrier
  • M3 Stuart
  • Observer 

Kent Ran

  • Lieutenant
  • 2x Reg Squads (11 men)
  • 1x Jungle fighter squad (Vets) 
  • MMG
  • 2x snipers
  • light howitzer
  • medium mortar
  • Chi ha tank
  • Observer 
  • Medic 

Turn 1. My sniper and observers grab the high ground.

The Japanese advance past an ancient ruin
 On my left flank the veteran infantry advance to support the stuart.

End of turn 1. My infantry and stuart advance on the left, the Gurkhas mortar and MMG have taken the high ground.

Another view of the stuart.

A few from the Japanese lines.

Japanese advance in the middle.

And infiltrate though the jungle on our right flank.

Turn 2. The stuart get sthe first dice and knocks out the chi ha The Japanese now have no AT at all.

 The Japanese have grabbed the area of jungle behind the stuart.

The supporting infantry head towards the open ground but are hit by a mortar and go to ground.

The Japanese observer calls in a barrage on the hilltop.

With the Japanese tank Kent's flank is under pressure.

Turn 3: The Japanese barrage engulfs the hilltop, destroying the, recently deployed, MMG, and pinning the other units.

Kent's commander appears to have lost his head, literally!

The Stuart and carrier fire on the Japanese squad in the jungle.

 On the far flank the Gurkhas await the onslaught of the regular and veteran tough fighter units.

The Japanese regular squad is destroyed then the jungle fighters finish off one of my sections but the second section of Gurkhas sweeps them off the hill.

End result 6-3 to the British. A victory at last!

I got lucky getting the tank early on and this allowed me to roll up the flank and meant that my Gurkha units could simply hold and await the Japanese attack.

Still, it was a good game and the extra bit of room worked well, allowing more room to manouvre.


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