Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BA Kiwis vs FJ

Well, its been a while. Two months in fact. In that time I have done no gaming or painting. Nothing. I've played  a few board games but done absolutely nothing related to wargaming, I've just had zero interest in gaming. Kent popped round the other day to pick up a Bolt Action panzer IV I'd purchased for him and we decided it was about time we did something.

So tonight we had a game of Bolt Action, my Kiwis vs his Germans, somewhere in Italy.

NZ Platoon (Vets)
1st lt
3x 8 man sections (with LMGs)
3" mortar
6 pdr

Kent ran with: his SS 
2x SS sections
1x vet infantry section
1x sniper
1x 81mm mortar
1x MMG
1x 76mm infantry gun
1x 222 AC
1x stug

We rolled up Hold until Relieved. The building became the objective Kent defended it with a sniper, MMG team and SS section.
The objective.

An infantry section crosses the field, losing two men to the 222 armoured car.  
 The stug rumbles on from reserve.
 The staghound takes a shot at the German armoured car but misses.
 The Sherman misses the flank of the stug.
 In the woods my section comes under pressure from 2 German sections infiltrating through the trees.
 The Germans make short work of the kiwis, clearing the woods.
 The staghound destroys the 222 armoured car.
 The SS consolidate their position in the woods.
 The Sherman and stug trade ineffective shots.
 The stug finally get s a bead on the sherman, it catches fire and the crew abandon the vehicle.
 The staghound continues hunting the stug, and manages to force it down in the last turn.

Result- a major German victory. In the last two turns my troops melted away under the German fire, I manged to knock out the MMG and mortar along with the 222 armoured car but was left with only my staghound and 6pdr!

As usual the battle see-sawed but in the end the Germans overwhelmed the kiwis. My biggest mistake was not concentrating my forces and so being taken out piecemeal and resulted in a very comprehensive victory.

A good game and fun to be rolling dice again. We hope to try Kent's Carthaginians using Hail Ceasar.



  1. Great to see you back Craig! Very nice looking game!

  2. Great to have you back Craig, the internet is not the same with out you.

  3. Welcome back! Sometimes a break is just what you need :-)

  4. Thanks guys. Now, I need to get off my butt and paint up my 4th kiwi section, I never feel happy running only 3 sections- and my cunning plan of running them as vets didn't work either.

  5. Great looking game. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Let me know how Hail Caesar goes, super keen to run ancients some time (mine are all on the 8cm fronts). I have an Eastern themed force (Parthians, Palmyra) and Romans all painted up and I'll be exited to get then out of the box if we can arrange something :-)
    I also have Macedonians still in boxes and my crusaders are half finished.