Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Germans

So my 1000pt German force for the Italian campaign is now finished.

2x Regular Heer squads (LMG
1x Vet Heer squad (LMG)
1x Sniper
1x MMG
1x 81mm Mortar
1x 37mm Flak
1x kettenkrad
1x 233 Armoured car
1x Stug

 The stug. Actually I ordered a StuH but this is certainly not a StuH!  I'm  not sure with the green ochre will try to lighten it with more Iraqi sand.

 The sniper team which, along with the stug, was done last night. 
 The 233 also got another highlight/drybrush with Green ochre.

So now both the Kiwis and the Germans in Italy are ready for action.


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