Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bolt Action

Kent, Dave and Nigel came round last night for a game of Bolt Action. Kent’s been really busy lately so it was great to see him again. Neither Dave or Nigel had played BA before but were seen to give it a go and I must say it played really, really well.

We had 80tp each, and the game was set in Malaya in 1942 (so I could sue my Perry Desert rates)

Nigel and I ran a British Rifle force:
Observer (free)
4x sections with LMGs
1x Vickers MMG
1x 3” mortar
1x Recce Carrier
1x 6pdr

Kent and Dave ran the Japanese:
2x sections with LMGs
1x jungle fighters section + LMG
1x MMG
1x ni mortar
1x 37mm AT gun
1x Chi Ha tank

To keep things simple we played Maximum Attrition. Nigel and I put two sections and our carrier into reserve.

The British advance begins. 3" mortar and 6pdr are deployed to defend the flank while a squad advances in the centre. 
 Japanese jungle fighters advance on the Japanese left. 
 Another section advances on the right as well.
 The British section advances to the far side of the trees.  
 The section is hammered by MMGs, the Chi H and rifle fire and are destroyed in hand to hand combat. First blood to the Japanese.
 Having assaulted the destroyed the infantry section the jungle fighters slink back into the jungle.
 On the far right the Japanese advance continues to advance.
 British reserves arrive and the Japanese infantry are destroyed.
More Japanese infantry hide in the centre of the board.
 The invincible Japanese tank.
 In the last turn we'd both destroyed 5 units so the British lieutenant and NCO charge the Ni mortar in a vain quest for death or glory.
 The Jungle fighters charge and destroy the 2 pdr for the Japanese to win 6-5
 A great game, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Luck swung one way then another but the game went down to wire. I am looking forward to the next one.



  1. I have only had a couple of games but so far the games have been very enjoyable! Great looking game Craig.

    1. Yes we've enjoyed ours too and both Nigel and Dave are keen for more.

  2. Glad you lot have been having so much fun with it, Craig. I think they got the level of detail 'right' with BA and it always seems to make for a fun toy soldier bash.

    1. I agree. I just need to find time for more games!