Saturday, July 27, 2013

28mm Japanese- test figures

My first few 28mm Japanese test figures. The are all from Warlord Games. I painted them using Vallejo Japanese uniform as the base and highlighted with Japanese uniform lightened with a drop of German Camo beige. 

 This morning my rulebooks for Bolt Action arrived.
There were a few bits and pieces such as a Chindit HQ and 2" mortar team. There was also a  pleasant wee surprise in the form of a couple of extra blisters of Chindits that "were lying round on the table" at Warlord. It's the occasional little gesture such as that that really makes a difference in choosing who to spend ones wargaming budget with- many thanks Warlord Games, very much appreciated. 

Now I have some reading to to do...


  1. Typical, you've made terrain AND painted troops in about half the time it takes me to paint the troops.

    They look good, Craig, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with them too.

  2. I've been on holiday this week Jamie so have had plenty of time. 3 days in Ashburton for Finn's rep soccer comp was about my only distraction this week. However, the terrain as mainly so I had something to do while I waited for the troops to arrive. :)

  3. They look great, Craig. I may get a box of these guys someday now that I've seen how good they look. Best, Dean

    1. Cheer Dean. I'd heard some negative comments about them. There was a little flash to clean off a couple of them but nothing major and they have good detail so if I need more will probably get some- though with the plastics coming out soon I will probably go for those instead.

  4. Wow gratuitous free stuff. I agree, it would make me want to spend my hobby money with them too. Good looking figures too.

  5. Thanks Danisnotatree- free figs is always a bonus :)