Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ACW- Fire & Fury playtest

Tonight Dave, Kent and I got together to try and suss out the rules we'll be using at the weekend.  Dave and I used my Hood Division force (we will be sharing the command over the weekend) and Kent used a similarly sized Union force. We played through a few turns to get a feel of the rules and I must say I quite like them. As with all rules I felt that some tweaking might be in order (such as maybe taking a loss if disordered for a second time and I'v heard some groups don't allow rear rank to fire but it would be a few more games before I'd make my mind up for sure). Overall though the rules were pretty intuiative and gave a good feel. It will be interesting to see how they handle 20+ players over the weekend.

Sorry was a bit busy flicking through the rulebook to take many photos. 




  1. Looking good Craig, heres to you guys having a great weekend, wish I was there but alas Townsville is a bit far away lol.

    On a related note, they guys here are getting into Regimental Fire and fury so Im painting some Rebs for it.


  2. It should be fairly epic.

    I saw your guest appearance on Lonely Gamer's blog not long a go- you are becoming an international man of mystery

    I did like the feel of Fire n Fury- now I just need twice as many Rebs!

  3. hehe yeah, They are a good bunch of guys, even if I did swoop in and win their Colonial tournament with 1 game under my belt.


  4. Glad you are enjoying FnF. Don't know if you know but RFnF inflicts a kill on a second disorder and we will be too on the weekend. Not long to go now.

    1. Looking forward to it Rodger- a kill on a second disorder makes sense

      Pained up some disorder markers tonight so have done all I can

      See you Saturday