Friday, July 26, 2013

More Jungle Terrain

I have been rereading the Trail of Infinite Sorrow while I await my orders to arrive. To defend Buna and Gona the Japanese felled a large number of trees early on in the campaign to make emplacements and bunkers. The fast growing jungle foliage quickly grew over the bunkers making them difficult to locate  by the Australian and American troops when they attacked the Japanese positions. This inspired me to make some felled trees for cover today.

3mm MDF bases, covered in plaster which I then added some large twigs. Once the plaster had dried the bases were undercoated, painted and flocked in my typical methods and then some palm trees added to make them more jungle-like. Simple yet effective.

My first two (Warlord Games) Japanese squads arrived in this morning's post so I will endevour to get started on them on Sunday evening. At least now I have a reasonable tables worth of suitable terrain to game with.



  1. These are fantastic Craig! Very impressive!

    1. Than ks Rodger, simple and fast to do too :)

  2. Those turned out very nice. From where do you get your palm trees?

  3. Thanks Mike

    I picked them up on ebay last year- they came from China. I gave them a quick drybrush of a couple of shades of green the other day to make the look a bit less plasticy