Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FoW LW Motostrelkovy- WIP

Well I've finally settled on my list for Bedecon, and it does include the uber weapon that is the mighty British Valentine tank (MkVIII). As the theme is the Winter War 44-45 I thought I' better paint up my infantry to match the theme and so have started working on some snow themed motostrelkovy.

I got a pack of the Soviet infantry in Great Coats and was hoping that there were a few more that were armed with SMGs but there aren't that many. So I've plundered my bits and spares boxes. I have a Urdany company I have never built as I didn't really like the figures but have used those, a few scouts, some old summer infantry to make a hodge-podge mix of figures to represent a group of veterans that have fought their way to the German frontier. Here is the first platoon, I need 3 all up.


  1. Great looking troops - I am looking forward to reading some AARs from the Con so I might get a few tips on how to deal with the Soviet hordes!

  2. Craig C they look good.Have you had a look at Peter Pig they a pack of SMG and officers in Greatcoats?

  3. I used some PP figures a few years ago but don't like the faces :(