Friday, September 14, 2012

Bedecon Motostrelkovy Finished

I finished my Bedecon Red Army (Confident trained) Motostrelkovy tonight. The force consists of:

HQ, 2iC + kommissar & sniper
1x 2 platoon motostrelkovy company (SMGs)
1x 1 platoon motostrelkovy company (SMGs)

Edited: Light tank company: 8x Valentine VIII
 Tank Destuction Company: 4x Zis 2 AT guns
Assault Gun Company: 4x SU 76
 Heavy Mortar Company: 4x Heavy Mortars
 Tank Killer Company: 4x SU 100s

 Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Company(3x IS 2s)

So there we have it, 1750pts on the nose. I've managed to fit in all the units I wanted to field, except the ravedki. In the end I decided to go with the Valentines for a couple of reasons:
1) snow tables will reduce movement for most tanks to 8" anyway- or 4 inches for the M3A1s, and
2) I didn't want to white wash half my Razvedki force.

I have yet to test it out but it should make for an interesting force and hopefully I will make my opponents work hard to deal with it.

Next Up?
A test of the the Perry Confederates. Kent and I decided 2013 as going to be the year for getting into ACW (and I chose to be the Confederates) so I picked up a box to start operation ACW at TAGCON. With all the interest in ACW generated post Borodino thought I'd better get started on this project. We are not sure how we will base them yet, I like the idea of 3x bases (each 6cm x5cm) with 5-6 figures on each but I'll try a couple of options out. 


  1. They are looking fantastic, really nice job on the white winter look

  2. They look great. Are you sure about "Valentine VIII- fearless trained",i thought you could only get Confidant Trained ?

    1. Hi Les, according to p70, you must take Red Army (CT) unless there is no option then you can take the unmarked , red army or guards option.

      According to the Inomarchnikiy Briefing (p124-125) the Valentines are Guards (and pointed as such) and so as far as I can tell remain as such. I think they are bloody good bang for you buck.


    2. Hi Craig,that would work except for the fact that the Light Tankovy Company, has to come from page 23.If you want a Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company,that has to come from page 126,and that limits you to Emchas.

  3. Arrghh! You are right. CT they are- and an extra one to boot!