Sunday, September 16, 2012

28mm ACW- and so it begins

I've just finished a test base for ACW using some of the Perry plastics. Not too happy with the colours, they are a bit dark, I need to use a lot lighter grey's but I do like the look of the bases (6cm x 5cm). For Black Powder I will use 3 bases this size for a battalion, with between 15-18 figures per battalion.



  1. Now that is exciting! Johnny Reb is looking good. You would be well served to use a variety of greys/browns to paint them, some could be darker while others could be lighter.

    I am resisting ordering the start of my Union corps until after Bedecon!

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  3. They look great Craig, I am now 100% sold on this basing system.

    Grrrr at the Royal Mail in making wait over a week for my ACW order to turn up :)

    Hope to have some Johnny Red to show off at Bedecon to you guys.

  4. I agree, the paint job for this stand is fine. I was going to suggest some lighter grey highlighting, but it looks as though you have already thought of that! But other stands and individual figures could later be painted lighter colours, variety of shades even withing a limited drab palette of greys, browns, beiges (with the occasional blue trouser) will give your units and formations an attractive dynamic look.

    Incidentally, for highlighting, there is a lot to be said for going several shades lighter. Clothes tend to fade faster on the upper surfaces and the front thighs of the trousers, because of getting most of the (sun)light. So the contrast between the highlighted and unhighlighted (and shaded) bits will look realistic enough.

    1. Cheers Archduke, good suggstions re highlighting. .

      One tihng I do struggle with is lighter shades on highlights, I tend to go for close to the base colour and rely on the darkened base colour via the wash to work (with mixed results)- but I need to focus on changing this I think.

      I painted two more stands last night, keeping to lighter grey shades and using a much lighter wash (GW Orgyn Flesh rather than Devlan mud and am happier with the results. Will finish the bases and post pictures tonight.