Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Russians- Black Powder & FoW

Kent and I are having another game of Black Powder tomorrow night so over the last couple of nights I've painted up some Jagers so I will be able to field 10 infantry battalions. I decided to paint them in the dark green (winter) uniform to help recognise them on the table top.

 Also, Winterfest (or as it more commonly referred, Bedecon) is only a few weeks away. Last years theme as Normandy, this year it is the Winter War on the Eastern Front in the winter of 44-45. To tell the truth the last time I played late war was Bedecon last December, so I am a bit rusty. I don't own the latest books (Red Bear & Grey Wolf) which is another issue but they should be arriving in the next day or so. I will be on the Soviet side, not sure what I'll take and it will depend a bit on changes in the latest  books but probably Razvedki, Cossacks, Strelkovy or possibly even a forward etachment force. The thing putting me off committing to Cossacks is the size of the cavalry bases and having to transport everything to Wellington, so it has to be reasonably compact.

Waylander Games in the UK was having a special last week, order 100pds worth of stuff and get the new Devil's Charge thrown in for free. So I took advantage of that to get Red Bear and Grey Wolf and as I needed a few more bits and pieces to get to the 100pds also got a platoon on Lend Lease M10s to add to my M10 collection. One idea Poochie suggested was to do my Soviet Lend Lease force in late war using the razvedki M3s, Shermans and M10s but we will see.

I'll start sorting out ideas in the next few days but in the meantime I redid the bases on my stelkovy tonight using static grass and Silflor grasses. Most of my infantry are from the Soviets in Greatcoats
blister and they are my favourite Soviet sculpts. I've the odd stand that has gone AWOL in the move but no doubt they'll turn up soon.

Battalion HQ Anti-tank rifle platoon
 Dismounted DshK AA machine guns- back in 2005 they were a mainstay in my mid war guards force and always did well for their points.

Hopefully in the next week or so I can get a game s Kent or Dale so I can test a few ideas...

In the meantime, hopefully I can slow down the French tomorrow night in our next 1812 clash.


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