Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FoW Soviet Armour- Roll Call

The Soviets have always been my main FoW army and I have far to many armoured vehicles. How many? Until today I wasn't sure but thought I'd take a roll call to find out. I have a few more hidden away in boxes from the move (such as 3x T70s and 3x T34/85s but have yet to find exactly where).

All the vehicles except the lend-lease Shermans are Battle Front, the Shermans are PSC.

So what does the army have:

18        T70
28        T34/76
4          BA 7
4          SU 85
5          M10s
4          SU 122
4          SU 76
3          SU 152
4          ISU 122
9          Stuarts
4          Churchills
3          JS 2
5          KV 1E
5          KV 1S
16        Valentines
7          T34/85
10        M4 Shermans

Recon and Razvedki   
10        M3A1 Scouts Cars
9          Bren Carriers
2          Sdkfz 251 Half Tracks
7          BA 64
2          BA 10s (can't find #3)
Mixed Tankovy (white wash)
10        T34/76
8          T60
2          KV 1E



  1. Looks like Battlefront earned a golden nose by you :D
    Impressing, Mate!

  2. Luckily the majority of them were purchased over the past ten years and most of it when BF stuff was much cheaper


  3. That's a lot of toys. Good for you.