Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Black Powder

We've finally got the internet back on so can update the blog. I started some of the lovely new Perry Russian Dragoons last night and this evening Kent popped round for a game in the new gaming room. We used the same forces as last week.

The games room is under the house and unfortunately there is a large beam in the centre of the floor supporting the house above I but I can fit in a 7.5ft x 6ft gaming table between the beam and the wall.

The French brigades deploy. 

 As do the Russians. This time I reorganised my brigades into one with 3 battalions, the other with 5.

 I got the first turn and advance.
 End of turn 1: both sides advancing. Kent went for a shallow, linear deployment so I as hoping to use my flank and rear supports to allow me to punch a hole through his lines. But as it turned out he beat me to the punch.
 Still getting to grips with how far things can move- this being a prime example, his guards charge my artillery and destroy it.

 Then their advance after combat brings them deep into the rear of the Russian position. Oops.
 Things are looking better in the centre though where we are threatening to break through.
 My infantry on my left change formation, reform into line and fire a volley at the Guards- alas I forgot about the enfilading fire rule.
 Kent charged but typical Russian stubbornness meant we stayed locked together in combat.
 Cuirissiers arrive and charge the guards.
 In the centre we fail to make much headway.
 Kent's on cuirissiers and Dragoons arrive. The currissiers fail to move but the dragoons are thrown against the Russian cuirassiers.
 Good thing most of the French cavalry failed to act, the cuirissiers were in trouble! Luckily though I break the dragoons and sweep forward into the cuirrassiers, who are forced to retire off table as so the French Cavalry brigade is broken.
 The fight on the left flank continues but the Russian infantry are seriously out gunned.
 Unfortunately the cuirissers that had been thrown into the fray are forced to retire off the board and so are destroyed.
 Kent forms line on my far right and rakes the Russian battalions with enfilading fire- so that is how it works.

 The French Guard change formation and charge the Russian infantry in the rear! Yikes! the Russian brigade finally breaks and is destroyed.
 In the final turn the remaining Russian infantry brigade is caught in a pincer move by the two French infantry brigades and are also broken.

Another good game. Kent used his line more effectively than I did and really made me pay in the last couple of turns. Memo to self don't deploy your artillery too far forward. I'm still getting used to how quickly units can move and the game can change, the move rates are surprising me still but it does make for a fast, fun and bloody game.

Hopefully the French will get their comeuppance next week.



  1. Excellent ARR and great pics, well done.

  2. Good AAR. Really like the figures.

  3. it was a fun fast game that could have gone anyway, better luck next time

  4. Did the Guards take a casualty in "closing fire" against the artillery? In which case they would have needed to take a Break Test.

  5. No, I rolled really badly and don't think he took any casualties coming in- he saved the only hit I made IIRC- but I think we missed the need for break test vs artillery in closing fire if they cause a casualty and will file it away for next time.