Monday, June 28, 2010

Numidians & Terrain

Here are the first couple of stands of 28mm Numidian Light Horse.


Yesterday I also decided it was time to make some appropriate terrain for the 15mm Numidians. As their terrain is hilly I need a couple of steep hills and some woods (amongst other thinngs).

Here are the woods I made last night. They are on a base of cork covered in PVA and then dipped in sand. The trees are removable and are offcuts of 3mm MDF.

And work in progress, the first of three hills. As you can see these are quite low and shallow- the price you pay for having them so that figures don't keep rolling off.

The hill is on a cork base to which I've glued (using PVA) some polystyrene. Then the permafilla is applied. The next step, once the permafilla is dried is to paint it and then cover it in PVA and
cover in beach sand. Once that is dried a light dry brush and some light green Woodlands Scenics foliage added and it will be done.


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