Monday, June 7, 2010

DBA Battle of Balaclavus

Some post game comments from the Dave B who was good enough to organise the carnage for us:

Roman Mark
as the Roman left flank commander was unlucky to throw a "1" on his first pip die, making it almost impossible to face off the British Light cavalry swarming him. He tried, but he would have been better to abandon the wagons (loaded catapults) and instead tried to reform his cavalry further back. Fighting where he did eventually he was swamped by both Craig and Steve. I think all the trash talk between Mark and Craig went to Mark's head!!

Brit Steve had a slow moving british force but still managed to get in contact with Mark's left flank and Ian's right flank when Ian moved across the valley to attack. He was also given the town force which though it suffered from long range artillery firing was posing a real threat on the Roman's extreme right flank at the end of the game.

Roman Ian, not being needed to hold the line against the chariots advanced across the valley to deal with Steve's force. It seemed fairly even there at the close of play.

Roman Tim as the right flank outpost did very well holding his hill strongpoint, as I never had enough pip dice (minimum of 4 needed) to attack him there. I was fortunate that he got concerned about his flank and deployed troops off the hill which enabled me to get on their flanks! and cruch them.
Roman Tony, easily held the chariots off with his artillery, but was somewhat shocked to find his artillery running out of ammo.
[I had always intended this as I had hesitated between having say 8 artillery and unlimited ammo in the main line OR as much artillery as People bought along but start reducing its ammo from Move 4 on. In the end we had 16 artillery in the main line (12 forward, 4 back), 2 artillry on right front, and one right rear, plus the 2 loaded up ones on left flank THAT HAD ALREADY RUN OUT OF AMMO (the subtle clue for the Brits that ammo wouldn't be unlimited!).

Tony also deployed the camp reserves to bolster up Mark's force to prevent it breaking.

Brit Craig
Did well with his light cavalry against the Roman cavalry. Easily did the best of the Brits with his faster moving troops and his initial position part way up the board.

Brit Lewis
Needs to replace his dice as they specialise in throwing 1s or 2s, which is a bit of a disadvantage in DBA. Followed his victory conditions well and was able to give Cardiganus a glorious honourable death!

If I was gaming it again I would vary the scenario from the Slingshot Article as follows:

1. Possibly swop the British Chariot Force and Light Cavalry around. This would enable the Light Cavalry with their extra move distance and march move ability to move up the valley quicker, and pose much more of a threat. Still maintain the rule that Cardigan can only die in a melee, not from shooting AND still keep a high morale break factor for charge up the valley (In our battle had to lose 8 out of 13 before a morale test!). It would make the battle for the Roman left flank using chariots possibly more interesting as the Brits wouldn't be able to march move into position, giving the Romans more time to react.

2. Possibly reduce the number of artillery shooting from the main force (16 may have been OTT, but it was at Lewis!). Alternatively redo the long range charts so that in the 5-12 range to get a kill, one has to double rather than as I had it beat by 3, but admittedly Lewis made it easy by throwing 1s or 2s.

Anyway it seemed to play well and everone got some fighting.

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