Tuesday, June 8, 2010

28mm Gripping Beast Vikings

Gripping Beast are one of my favourite figure manufacturers so I've been wanting to get some of their new Vikings since they were released. one of the guys in Dunedin has just started importing 28mm figures and a box of Gripping Beast Vikings arrived on Friday, the same day as we got into town for Southcon so naturally enough I had to buy them!

What can I say, the figures are everything I was hoping they would be. Sure, as with most plastics, they can get a bit fiddly to fit together but they look in proportion, and more importantly, match well with the metal range. Here are a few photos of the first, and not yet completed stands. At 44 figures per box it will only take me 2 boxes for a DBA size, big base, army. My plan is to once the Saxons are released convert up a few Saxons into the hird as all the figure sin the box are wearing chain mail.

And Grpping beast metal Vikings painted up as Norse-Irish.

A side shot gives a good comparison.


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