Friday, January 14, 2022

2022 Game 1: Orges vs Undead

 Having been riding high on victories of late the ogres have been brought crashing back to earth. 

My ogres have had a couple of games in the past week vs Gordon (undead) and Josh (Goblins). I am continuing to experiment with a few units but the core remains the same for the ogres

2x boomer regiments- I love the flexibility

2x siege breakers

1x warrior regiment- which have proved very resilient and hard hitting for their size.

Manny the Mammoth (aka the brains of the outfit)

Nom Nom

A berserker bully

A boomer sergeant or two. 

I added a regiment of allied gore riders vs Gordon but they became balefire catapult bait.

Gordon made a list he is wanting to use in a future Oamaru Onslaught/Muster if there is an odd number of players to play the bye and was trying to make something pretty simple for new players to face but as it turned out having both faced it Josh and I think it is pretty damn good. I now have an immense amount of respect for Balefire catapults! 

The mission was dominate. 

Deployment. I thought I'd hidden the gore riders from the catapults but forgot the gore riders were height 3 and Gordon's skeletons only height 2 so I wasn't hidden after all. Doh!

The Gore riders redeploy while on the far flanks werewolves are already causing issues with threatening to flank my forces...

In the centre the warrior regiment holds vs the ghoul hordes and werewolves. 

A sacrifical boomer sergeant tries to slow the weewolves advance. 

My lines are still intact but thse bloody catapults are being a pin.

Gordon uses a character to stop the seige breakers attacking the werewolves. 

Gore riders to the rescue?

The orc Krudger making an end run for the catapults. In the centre the boomer chariots and seige breakers charge the ghouls. 

The seige breakers make short work of the werewolf character but on my left I am getting bogged down with skeletons. 

Not ideal, having worked theri way into the rear of the ogre lines the werewolves charge the rear of the seige breakers, ouch!

Meanwhile Manny and the boomes are bogged down

And now the trolls charge though...

It ended up a massacre after the werewolves turned the flanks. Gordon really got his units working well together and I paid the price for letting the werewolves get round the flanks. up to that point I was happy with the battle in the centre but from the end of turn 4 the game turned into a rout. 

The gore riders succumbed to the new unit curse and were eviscerated long before they could influence the battle. i like the idea of Gore rider allies but may wait till we play larger point games. We will see. 

Very well played Gordon. That is a very interesting list and the combinations synergised well together.


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