Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Ogres ahoy!!!

 I've been wokring on my ogre army for Kings of War using a wide range of figures.

Reaper Bones: Bugbears (Ogre warriors)

GW: Minotaurs (siege breakers) and Warg riders

Mantic: Beserker Braves, Hunters, Warriors and shooters

I've more points than I need and once our Covid restrcictions lift I look forward to trying out a few ideas/ combinations on the tabletop.

The army assembled. 

I love the beserker brave models, very nice sculpts. I had planned on using them as Siegebreakers but they'll proably end up as warriors as I like the idea of using minotaurs as siegebreakers. 

GW Minotaurs which I picked up on trademe. i've another unit on the way and will use them as siegebreakers. 

Reaper bugbear who can be used as one of the ogre commanders.

Reaper bugbears which were painted up for D&D games and later used in Dragon Rampant games now repurposed (and rebased) for Kings of War. Love the sculpts and made a few weapons changes for more variety.  They have been used as a warrior horde and though people seem to dismiss the horde option I was pretty impressed with their staying power. 

Ogre Shooters. The frist unit I completed. There are 5 crossbow armed ogres in the horde- just looks like three from the angle the photo was taken.  

Various heroes

Ogre hunters- love the sculpts. I've added GW wargs to make them a horde of ogre hunters and their hunting wargs to fill out the bases a bit more. 

GW Warg riders as sniffs and scouts- I need to finish the bases, redo the regiments and add a few more to the regiments to make them 6 strong. 


  1. Excellent looking force Craig, look forward to facing it! :)

  2. Thanks guys. Chasseur I hope to get up to CHCh for a game before Conquest.