Friday, August 6, 2021

KoW: A new Ogre army

 I've had the makings of an ogre army lying round for some time for KoW or Dragon Rampant but have bought some Mantic figures to bulk it out. I can now run a 2000 point army for Kings and am looking forward to giving it a run soon.

Some mantic shooters. 

The other night I rebased some of my Reaper Bones Bugbears which I am using as the bog standard warriors. I  like the Reaper Bones bugbears and originally used them for our D&D games. The main changesa are a few weapons swaps for variety.  

some Mantic ogres. I am not really sold on the Mantic bog standard warriorrs but love the metal Berserker Braves sculpts. To make them stretch frhter have 2 of the metal berserker braves and three of the plastic warriros to represent my berserker brave hordes. 

Today I got the bases done... well one base completed I ran out of superglue so can't finish the rest but have the bases. they are painted I  just need to add the Silfor grasses to the rest. 

The Reaper Bones bugbear/warrior units

A warlock and sergeant... not bad sculpts but not really a fan of the warrior one. 

Berserkers with warriors behind. The warriros were a bit of a pain and needed some green stuff to fill in gaps in the shoulders but apart from that were pretty straight forward. 

By  adding a giant or two or some warg or some goblin scouts sniffs (LoTR warg riders) I can amke 2000 points, so enough for our standard games. 


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