Saturday, October 31, 2020

Dragon Rampant- Crusades

 Personally I prefer Dragon Rampant to Lion Rampant and so will be using that with the new Lion Rampant- the Crusader States supplement. 

Last week's game vs Ian showed to my that my current cavalry bases (10cm deep) are a bit unweildy so have decided to use the Impetus standard 8cm deep bases as the standard for my cavaltry units. I popped down ot the bach for the weekend last night and got to work rebasing some of my Crusader cavalry to act as allies to the Byzantines (until the new Fireforge kickstarter is released anyway). 

The frank or Armenian cavalry- all Perry miniatures. 

And of course they need enemies so also got work on rebasing my Muslim/Seljuk  cavalry to match- all from the lovely Perry range. 

And to go with those I've been updating the basing on my other units. My light horse were already painted the same base colours just added static grass to tie everything together. 

I'll try to post a few more pictures tomorrow.



  1. Very interesting. I look forward to reporting on the game 8)

  2. They look excellent Craig. I love the colours that you have used and your bases look great.
    Regards, James

  3. Thnaks very much, I hope to geta game in with them soon, or even a solo game. just a couple of stands to complete for the Byzantines- archers and turkoples. The static grass has really made the bases pop and ties the armies together.

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