Tuesday, September 24, 2019


My rebasing project continues. A few months ago I picked up  dozen or so GW warg riders and half a dozen wargs for one of my many projects.For some time now I've wanted to have a large force of wargs and warg riders as part of the Operation Middle Earth project.  Over the weekend I based up and painted four units worth using my new light cavalry basing- 4 figures on the same size base as my heavier units. I am really happy with the dynamic look of the bases and looking forward to getting them on table soon.

I'm also working on a few command stands and finishing off basing up my Urak Hai and orcs to match my other forces.

Urak hai scouts- in Kings of War they'll be warriors with the pathfinder rule added.

I am also working on 4 units of  Huns (Gripping Beast) to match the same basing system and they'll be both my Easterlings for Middle Earth gaming or Huns for historic games. I've one base to complete before I'll post some pictures.


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