Thursday, April 25, 2019

WIP- Easterlings for Middle Earth

I've been slowly working away on my Anglo-Saxons but not really doing much painting the last couple of weeks. Real life has decided to intervene. My wife and I have sold our house so I'm in the middle of downsizing/ getting rid of shit in preparation for the move which happens in the next couple of weeks. I have managed to pack up most of my gaming stuff, but have  a whole lot of sorting to do at some stage- and some serious downsizing needed of my 15mm terrain collection but fr now it is all safely packed away and stored.

Yesterday however some Fireforge Russian infantry and Gripping Beast Noble Goth Cavalry arrived. I've been waiting for these for a few weeks now, my plan was/is to use them as Easterlings for Middle Earth gaming. I've not bought any Fireforge before so was interested in how they'd work out.

Below is the sprue. 5 different figures and a variety of weapons, shields and armour. I'd like to see a couple more hand weapon options and also a couple more arms. The 2x guys with scale style armour only really have 2 sets of arms that work for them so that does limit the poses a wee bit. However with the variety of weapons available in other ranges (such as the Gripping Beast Saxon and Vikings) it should be easy enough to kit bash the figures and indeed that was my intention with these guys.

I've added some Gripping Beast Tumerid shields to the figures to give them a uniform/middle eastern look.

The second unit are armed with hand weapons (for offensive heavy foot in Dragon Rampant) and using the shields they come equipped with.

My plan was to combine the Gripping Beast plastic Noble Goth Cavalry with the spare heads from the fireforge Medieval Russian's to give a more eastern/Easterling look to the Gripping Beast figures and am happy with the results. Again I've used metal Gripping Beast Tumurid (shields (plain ones this time) to add to the look. 

Once painted up, I think they'll look the part.

Today is ANZAC day here in NZ, I'm back from the Dawn Service, and so intend to spend a few hours today on this little project...


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