Thursday, January 31, 2019

Urak haI Rebased

My rebasing project continues. I have completed rebasing my Urak hai and Rohan forces using my new basing system. I'll try to get some photos of the Rohan tomorrow.

Most units now comprises of two bases- each 6cm wide.

  • Cavalry: two 6x 8cm bases (each with 3 figures so 6 figures per unit)
  • Light Cavalry/lesser beasts: 2x 6cm round bases with 2 figures
  • Large monsters and leaders: 1x 6cm round base with either one large monsters of 3x command figures for infantry
  • Smaller monsters: 2x 5cm bases per unit
  • Infantry: two bases each 6cmx6cm (4-5 figs per base). Originally I was going to vary the base depth as in Impetus and some other systems to reflect heavier/ more driilled infantry from warband but have decided that the extra cm of depth protects some more fragile figures (eg spearmen) from taking knocks on the tabletop so have decided to standardise to one base depth.
  • Missile troops: 2 bases each 6x 5cm deep, each with 3 figures. 
  • Skirmishers: 2x 5cm round bases each with two figures on them.

 By having two bases equalling a unit (in most cases) in Dragon Rampant when a unit is reduced to half strength I simply remove a base to reflect the losses.

In Dragon Rampant terms the Urak hai will be the core of a 40+ point warband:

  • 1x leader (elite foot)
  • 4x Urak hai infantry (either heavy foot offensive or Bellicose foot)
  • 2x crossbows (heavy missiles)
  • 1x warg riders (light riders)
  • 1x wargs (lesser beasts)
  • 2x Urak hai scouts (Scouts)



  1. Cheers Kiwi, maybe one day soon I'll actually get them on table and get a game in!