Monday, January 21, 2019

Back to gaming...nearly

Well I'm back home and after a few weeks or getting things sorted which included moving house, I'm finally starting to get myself organised and ready to get back to some gaming.

I was up in Christchurch for a concert a couple of weeks back and caught up with my friend Ian who has just finished some  Nazgul on Fell Beasts for his Dragon Rampant/ Lord of the Rings forces. My phone camera doesn't do the subtlety of the paint job justice.

As for me, I'm looking at adding to my Black Numenorean force.

I'm also looking at modifying my basing system slightly, using 2x 6cm wide bases per unit, an idea I've stolen from Ian. My first decision? 3 Cav per base or two. I was messing around trying to sort this out and took a couple of photos.

First up three figs.

Or two?
I've decided I prefer three, looks more dynamic and so future units will have 2x3 figure bases per unit.

I painted these Rohan as Numenoreans a few years back, the only change was to replace the Rohan shields with some Black Shields from one of the historics ranges- I can't remember which manufacturer- and paint the figure some suitably dark colours.

I also have a small force of Gripping Beast huns which are being repurposed as Easterling allies (I'll have 4 units worth for bigger games). I've decide to use two x 6cm round bases with 2 figures per base for light cav/skirmishers as the bases look more...skirmishy. I really like the look that these give.

I also picked up a Nargul on a fellbeast last year and he will be added to the force too- but needs to be repainted.


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