Thursday, June 28, 2018

WIP: A few bits and pieces

Okay a few more little projects.

I'm looking at rebasing my Reaper Gnolls to make some of my Dragon Rampant style units. I'm not sure about the gnolls, I think I want more figures in each unit and so am tempted to get a couple of boxes of Frostgrave gnolls and use those instead.

Testing basing of gnolls.

A couple of units of wargs. 

More of the gnolls of the steppes army- Wargs and Ettins. The Ettins are Reaper Bone's (not quite finished) and will be the heavy muscle of the force.

 The Hurley Burley brothers... or is that quads since ettins have two heads?

Another little project. 
I've plenty of Reaper Bones plastics which we use as part of our various Dungeons and Dragons games. The reality is I'll never get them all painted but saw a good post a few months back on Enworld about simply washing the figures so last night tried a little experiment.

Left, a plain white Reaper Bones figure; middle, a bugbear undercoated grey; right, a bugbear with a dark tone wash over the grey to pick put the details. I quite like the effect and so think I'll spry paint a bunch of the plain figures and simply wash them to add to our games.


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