Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Quick Rebase

Inspired by the game of Dragon Rampant at the weekend, yesterday I got stuck in and rebased some of my Lord of the Ring Orcs and Goblins to match my other (12cm wide) basing conventions.

I've based up enough to field about 40 points in Dragon Rampant but will probably play around 30 point games. My army consists of

  • Snizket the sneaky- Goblin warchief (the brains of the outfit)
  • 2x trolls (aka the muscle- I will usually only field one unit but have two of them)
  • 2x warg riders
  • 2x Orcs- heavy foot or bellicose foot depending on my mood
  • 2x Crossbows (heavy missile support)

I've plenty more units to rebase but this was a quick and simple effort to get a "retinue" ready for action.

The process begins

The finished trolls

Two units of crossbow orcs

The regular orcs (heavy foot or bellicose foot depending on my mood)

Snizket and his man servant, Friday.

The warg riders.

I decided that my monsters, heroes etc will be mounted on round based so to easily differentiate them from the regular rank and file.



  1. Yes, Yes, Yes ... that is my plan too .. Great LotR basing :)

  2. Thanks Geordie, I think DR is a great ruleset for LoTR style gaming.