Thursday, June 16, 2016

FoW: Meet Boris the Behemoth

Random army idea time. The Barbarossa armybook turned up yesterday so have been flicking through looking for ideas. I found last night that I would have preferred to have RoF 3 Panzer IIIs rather than the lower rate of fire but better fire power of the Mk IVs- I don't have the hulls to enjoy the luxury of sitting back bombarding/smoking opponents, so came up with a silly idea that I suggested to Poochie this morning...

Barbarossa Light Panzer Company (CV)

  • 1x HQ Panzer IIIG (155pts)
  • 3x Panzer IIIG (460pts)
  • 2x 231 8-Rad Armoured Cars (110)
  • 1x T34/40 (CT) (260 points)

Yep that's right "Boris the Behemoth", a  T34/40 which has been press-ganged into German service.
Front armour 6, side armour 5, AT 8, range 24". What's not to like?

I like to think of him as my "pocket tiger." I expect him to be totally underwhelming but he is similar points to a platoon of 5x panzer IIs so Poochie and I intend to have a competition to see who does the most damage, Boris or the Pee-Wee Panzers.

So my army has shrunk to 7 AFVs (4x panzers, a T34 and 2 armoured cars). At least set up/ deployment shouldn't be a problem!

So a quick drybrush and we are good to go. I've had to order a couple of 231 8-rad armoured cars though.

Boris in all his Russian Green glory.

And the Panzer IIIGs- I had to replace the barrels with short 50mm cannons, gave them all a quick drybrush and we are good to go.

I can't see Poochie and me threatening too many opponents forces but it should be a laugh.



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